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GenX: What you need to know

New Hanover County: Thursday's private meeting with Chemours will take place at 11:30 a.m. Several local and state representatives will attend the meeting. A press conference will follow. (6/14/2017)

Carolina Beach: EPA tests in 2014 and 2015 reveal GenX not found in town's groundwater sources. - (6/14/2017)

Carolina Beach releases 2016 water quality report amid GenX concerns. - (6/14/2017)


Brunswick County maintains close contact with state health officials regarding GenX. - (6/13/2017)

New Hanover County: DHHS:  "The GenX levels detected in 2013-2014 would be expected to pose a low risk to human health." - (6/13/2017)

Pender County: "We’re concerned about what we don’t know about GenX and the impact, if any, it has on our drinking water." - (6/13/2017)

H2GO: "The presence of GenX is yet another example of the potential threat these unregulated contaminants pose to our surface water supplies." - (6/13/2017)


New Hanover County: "The Chemours Company has agreed to meet with local and state officials regarding the GenX issue this Thursday, June 15 at the New Hanover County Government Center." - (6/12/2017)

New Hanover County: [NHC] is committed to helping the public understand the situation, and will continue to insist that Chemours and the regulators respond fully to this issue." - (6/12/2017)

CFPUA releases a service map that shows which areas get water from the Cape Fear River and which areas get water from groundwater sources. - (6/12/2017)

CFPUA: State regulators are awaiting guidance from the EPA about how to deal with GenX. - (6/12/2017)


New Hanover County releases an initial statement about GenX's discovery in the Cape Fear River. - (6/9/2017)

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