Brunswick Co. officials address GenX concerns

Brunswick Co. officials address GenX concerns

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Brunswick County officials are responding to concerns about the county's drinking water following the discovery of GenX, an unregulated toxin, in the Cape Fear River from which the county draws a portion of its raw water supply.

In a news release issued Tuesday, county officials said, "Brunswick County Public Utilities treats raw water per federal and state standards before being supplied to the public for consumption and maintains a robust sampling and monitoring schedule to ensure its safety."

The release continues, "Brunswick County's water system meets or exceeds all EPA and state standards regarding water quality."

County health officials said they have maintained close contact with the Occupational and Environmental Branch (OEEB) of the NC Department of Health and Human Services regarding the GenX contamination.

"According to OEEB, there are no U.S. regulatory guideline levels for GenX. However, as part of the European chemical registration, a 2-year chronic toxicity and cancer study with rats was performed," the release said. "Based upon this study, the amount found in the Cape Fear River is equivalent to less than 1% of the Derived No-Effect Level (DNEL) of GenX in drinking water."

"We are grateful for the professionals within Brunswick County Public Utilities for the consistent job that they do," said Cris Harrelson, Brunswick County Health Director. "Clean, safe drinking water has historically been a hallmark of public health, contributing immensely to longer lifespans as well as improved quality of life for our citizens."

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