GenX not the only toxin in the Cape Fear River

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Environmental groups in Wilmington want to remind people that there are several other pollutants in the Cape Fear River that need to be cleaned up.

Kemp Burdette, river keeper for the Cape Fear River Watch, released a statement Sunday reminding people of the role they play in keeping the river clean.

"The river, our drinking water supply, needs protection," Burdette said. "Industry along its banks, including the thousands of factory farms that discharge staggering amounts of untreated animal waste, must be monitored and regulated to protect the river, and ultimately our health."

Burdette also stressed the importance of keeping the river clean instead of treating water that is already polluted.

Volunteers from Cape Fear River Watch were out on Monday afternoon informing people about common household items that pollute the water. They also were placing plaques on storm drains reminding people not to pour anything down the drains.

"A lot of people are under the impression that if it goes down the drain it will get treated before it goes to our nearest waterway," said Kay Lynn Hernandez, project manager with Cape Fear River Watch. "It actually doesn't get treated at all. So anything you put down the storm drains you might as well throw right into the Cape Fear River, especially if you live in this watershed."

Hernandez also said most of the pollution in the water is totally avoidable.

"They all come from us and what we do," Hernandez said. "All of them can be solved. There is always a solution to these types of problems. There are alternatives to fertilizers and pesticides. You just pick up after your pet instead of leaving it on the ground. All of these problems can be taken care of if we start being better stewards of the environment."

For more information on the Cape Fear River Watch, click here.

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