City Councilwoman's Lawsuit Dismissed

Katherine Moore
Katherine Moore

JULY 6, 2005 -- A judge has dismissed Wilmington City Councilwoman Katherine Moore's lawsuit against the city and several police officers.

Moore filed the lawsuit two years ago, claiming her rights were violated when she was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. She had requested $10-million in damages. Wednesday, a judge threw out the case.

Moore was arrested in November of 2002. Her drunk driving charge was later dropped after two tests detected no alcohol in her system.

Moore is out of the state, but Wednesday she told News 6 by phone the judge's decision to dismiss the lawsuit doesn't make sense. She says the judge's ruling gives police too much authority to pull people over after having a single drink with dinner.

Another council member is pleased and relieved by the decision. Laura Padgett says the lawsuit has been in the background of city business.

As for Moore, she says she'll appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

Reported by Elizabeth Willis