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My turn: Should H2G0 move ahead with $30M project?

One of the biggest political stories of 2016 concentrated on the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court.

Democrats were outraged that then President Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland was not considered by the Senate, which had a majority of Republicans.  The GOP Senators argued that an open seat during an election year should not be filled until voters can weigh in on the person who got to choose that justice. 

It seems on a much smaller scale, we are facing a similar situation in the town of Leland. 

The water authority there – H2GO – has three of its five-member board up for election this November. All three of those seats are currently occupied by someone who supports the building of a $30 million water plant.

The other two commissioners who are not up for re-election oppose the plant. They were swept into office a couple years ago. 

As citizens sign up to run for this elected seat – it appears voters will be choosing board members based on this issue alone. 

So, should H2GO move ahead with this multi-million dollar project?  

Work continues to move in that direction because the board majority supports building the plant. But there is plenty of reason to believe that this could change at the ballot box come this November.  

Perhaps it would be prudent to wait a few months to find out before this group commits any more money to this very expensive project. 

That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The RO Plant to be built in Leland will be a State of the Art facility, that is backed up by several years of research and due diligence.  The future water needs of the area will require using groundwater sources and this type of treatment.  The Cape Fear River has a huge flow, but the amount of water that can be used from the river is governed by the state and that is a finite amount.

The opposition’s real concern is .not in my backyard’, even though they mask this with ‘it is not needed’, and ‘it costs too much’.  Neither of which is true.

My suggestion is to contact the Pro group and maybe even the anti group and get the real facts.  

We would look forward to meeting with you, and would really like to provide you with the accurate facts as to the need and cost of this system.

Thank you for your consideration.


If you take time to read the facts H2GO has done all the required work to get this plant built. The opposition wants you too believe there is no need for the plant,but that is not true. They want to disolve H2GO so they can turn all the assets over to the city of Leland to continue to spend the tax payers dollars as they wish. The opposition is there solely for that reason. READ THE FACTS . THE OPPOSITION IS MAGNOLIA GREENS AND WATERFORD.. come on folks. Great real. NOT IN YOUR BACK YARD!!!!!


I would suggest that the residents are beginning to see what is happening in their community.  Leland is growing and as seen with the proposed tax increase, elections matter.  There is also a coordinated effort to disband an organization that has provided quality service for many years.  The proposed RO plant is just a cover up for the residents of certain neighborhoods to help the Town of Leland take over H2Go.  Brunswick County Public Utilities will be spending $40 million dollars for infrastructure in the next couple of years while H2Go wants to spend $30 million.   H2Go is protecting its customers with building an alternative water source while keeping the rates low.  With removing the wholesale price they purchase from Brunswick County, the water usage rate will not increase under the RO plant's production.  How does that not make sense?


Considering how much money is at stack, I think the most responsible thing would be to see where the November elections take us. This has been in the works for several years what's a few more months to confirm the publics wishes regarding this issue. 


I am opposed to your plans for the Reverse Osmosis Plant.  I have not heard any evidence of a compelling need and I do not accept the accuracy of your financial assumptions.  

I believe this entire project is three individuals on the commission driving their own agenda to disengage from the county.  Where is the respect for your customers?  We voiced a loud majority vote in November of 2015 against this project.  Yet, you ignore us and continue to proceed.  While you might be within your legal rights to move down the path you have chosen, there are the questions of moral and ethical rights.  You will have to sleep with those.

Clearly you are highly likely to lose your majority on the commission in November.  It appears you recognize that and are attempting to spend all you can as fast as you can in the hope to get the ROP project to an irreversible state.  That is not going to happen!

The ROP project you leave behind will be just a temporary inconvenience to the new commissioners. It will be discontinued and as much of the spent funds as is possible will be recovered.  However, your legacy is forever.  How you have served the needs of your customers and acted as stewards of their funds will determine that legacy.  Proceed as you see fit. You alone will live with your decisions


It has been said that those opposed to the RO plant want to dissolve H2GO and turn the assets over to the town of Leland. Where do they get this from? No one is calling for the dissolution of the sanitary district.  H2GO does an excellent job of providing water, and when there is a problem the employees of the district are there to set things right.  

Commissioners Gerken and Trombley have been accused of working to dissolve H2GO. To the contrary, since they have been elected rates have gone down, base fees decreased, deposits returned to customers in a timely manner, agendas and minutes published on the web site, emergency numbers prominently displayed on the web page, and a fund set up to help people in our community.  These are not the actions of people looking to turn H2GO over to the town of Leland.

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