Man Accused of Murder Behind Bars in South Carolina

JULY 03, 2005 -- A Wilmington man accused of double murder remains in police custody in Marion County, South Carolina.

There is some question about how long he will be there.

Stacey Lee Wynn was captured Saturday morning at an apartment complex in Mullins.

He was living there under the name of Michael Smith. Police say this was his brother's name.

Wynn is accused in the murders of two men in Wilmington back in April.

Wilmington Police Detectives say they were able to speak with Wynn on Saturday.

They want to talk to him after he decides whether to waive extradition back to Wilmington.

If he does waive extradition, it could be a few days before he comes back to Wilmington. However, it could be a month before he returns if he decides not to waive extradition.