High school baseball teams ready for Regional finals

High school baseball teams ready for Regional finals

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Another day, same story: Another postponement of the biggest baseball game of their lives so far.

"We just want to play," New Hanover sophomore pitcher Blake Walston said. "This wait has been awful."

New Hanover, Topsail, and Whiteville each could've been one game away from the state championship round by now.

Instead, they haven't even been able to start their East Regional final series. The delay is annoying, but apparently not adding any pressure.

"I don't know about tension with this crowd right here," New Hanover head coach Richard Foy said. "Even if they were tense, somebody would say something stupid and they wouldn't be tense for long.

"But the weather is probably the ultimate example of, control what you can control, and just don't spend much time worrying about the rest."

Foy's Wildcats have reached this point thanks to timely hitting, and strong pitching from guys like Walston, who has thrown two shutouts this postseason.

Whiteville is led by Mackenzie Gore, one of the best pitchers in the country and almost certainly a first-round draft pick.

Topsail, meanwhile, remains motivated by a loss in the state finals last year

"Getting there and losing just is the worse feeling in the world, cause you made it that far not to finish," said senior Josh Madole, who drove in the game-winning run against West Brunswick. "That was definitely motivation throughout the offseason."

Baseball's a game where if you fail seven out of 10 times at the plate, you're hitting .300, and playing well.

Topsail's team seems to believe that dealing with bumps along the road is a key reason it is still playing

"The biggest adversity is just handling adversity. We're a group that expects perfection," Topsail head coach Aaron Rimer said. "You don't get that in baseball all the time. You're not always going to come out on top. So we've been able to kind of micromanage things down to one pitch at a time, and through the playoffs, we've done a good job at doing that."

All these teams are two wins away from the finals. The mindset, according to Walston, is pretty simple.

"I feel like we're here," Walston said. "Might as well go and pull it out."

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