10 hurricane safety tips

Here are some Hurricane Safety Tips from the First Alert Weather Team for your family's hurricane preparedness:

  1. Have one gallon of water per person, per day for 3-7 days. That can mean using bottled water or cleaning a bathtub and filling it with drinkable water before the storm in case of water supply interruption or contamination
  2. Maintain at least a 3-7 day food supply for each member of your family, including pets. Choose non-perishable foods, like canned items with a pop top, or high energy foods like trail mix or granola bars.
  3. During a hurricane, your phone is your lifeline. Make sure you have several USB cables with wall and car plugs and an external battery that will charge your phone more than a few times if power is unavailable.
  4. Have a hurricane plan for all members of your family, including your pets. Assemble a pet emergency kit. Have a supply of food and water. If you must evacuate, know where your pet-friendly shelters are located.
  5. A well-stocked first aid kit can help you respond effectively to emergencies. Also, have at least a two-week supply of prescription medications and modify your medical kit to meet your needs.
  6. The WECT Weather app will tell you when severe weather will impact your area. Make sure alert and notification settings are on, as well as the tropical tracker layer is enabled as well. 
  7. It's imperative that you store important documents, such as insurance policies, in a waterproof container and store them in the highest possible spot to prevent water damage. Include external hard drives and laptops. If you must evacuate, take these documents with you.
  8. During a hurricane, west is usually best, but for rare storms that plow towards Charlotte, having an alternative evacuation plan could be a good idea.