Wrightsville Beach Facing Erosion

JUNE 30, 2005 -- Waves may be fun for swimmers, but they're destructive for beaches. Wrightsville Beach is really seeing the impact.

Wrightsville Beach director of Public Works Mike Vukelich is worried. He's afraid minor repairs will do more harm.

"We're reluctant to move the sand right now because we'll cut into a primary dune which is protecting structures on the island," says Vukelich.

Thursday Vukelich will meet with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss what to do next, although it's not clear what, if anything, can be done.

Thunderstorms have also helped contribute to the wall that now lines the shore at Wrightsville Beach. Beachgoers say the toughest part is getting up and down the hill.

"It's not a major problem, just an inconvenience getting down to the beach especially for small kids and older folks," says Greg Borneman who's visiting from Atlanta.

Renourishment helps prevent erosion, but it isn't scheduled until next year. That leaves experts wondering what to do and beachgoers with a challenging day at the beach.

Reported by Maggie Alexander