Emergency crews patrol the slick course on bikes

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Thanks to heavy rain, the Wells Fargo Championship course was slick Friday.

In fact, there was so much rain, thunder, and lightning that tournament play was postponed three hours to allow the storms to roll through.

Anywhere you looked on the Eagle Point Golf Club course, there were thousands of people with supplies to keep them comfortable.

"Oh, I thought, 'Holy storm, it's going to be bad,'" said Rebecca Wolfe, who is in town from Raleigh. "I've got a spare bag so things don't get wet. I've got water, ponchos, a few extra hats."

But you also don't have to look far to see there are dozens with supplies to keep people safe. There are four EMT medical tents in various locations along the golf course ready for any kind of emergency.

"We've got a first aid kit, bandages, and we've got the AED kit in case of cardiac arrest," paramedic Ryan Goodrich said.

Goodrich has been on patrol scoping out the course on a bicycle, not an ambulance.

"We've got two teams out here," Goodrich explained. "New Hanover County EMS has bike patrols at all big festivals like the Azalea Festival, the River Festival, anywhere it would be tough for an ambulance to get through large crowds."

On any given day, on any golf course in the world, you may hear someone yell "Fore!" It's called out as a warning for people in the path of a golf ball, and yes, even with the pros, sometimes it happens.

"We've had ball strikes, people slipping," said Mark Bennett with New Hanover Regional Medical Center. "In fact, before we even set up, we were told we could expect as many as six a day. But if you're out here the next few days, just be extra careful so you don't slip and fall."

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