From bling to brims: Hats of the Wells Fargo Championship

From bling to brims: Hats of the Wells Fargo Championship

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Wells Fargo Championship has the golf. The Kentucky Derby has the horses.

But, for lady fans of both sports, they both have hats!

"Oh, I went shopping with my friend in Leland to pick this up," said Nancy Krambuhl, who was sporting a navy blue bejeweled cap at the Wells Fargo tournament on Thursday. "It goes with the outfit, navy, navy and navy. I like it!"

You don't have to walk far or scope out for very long to see a wide variety of options. Some are big fashion, others are totally utilitarian, but the bigger the better.

"I just think it's fun," said Charlene Stokley, whose brim was so large it did its own flapping in the breeze. "It keeps the sun out of my eyes, or should I say most of the time.'"

"I've got red hair and freckles," said Judy Mooring of Wilson, NC.  "I grabbed the biggest hat I could find."

Dressed in sport casual with nothing out of place, Linda Richards is here from Atlantic Beach, Fla.

"I know all about the sun," Richards said. "My hat says I don't want wrinkles, but it's the least of concerns. I've brought friends along and we're just here to have fun."

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