Carjacking Victim Praised for Her Actions

Sketch of carjacker
Sketch of carjacker

JUNE 28, 2005 -- Wilmington police are looking for a carjacker and praising the actions of his victim.

Police say the man stole a Lexus SUV at gunpoint from the Wal-Mart on Sigmon Road in Wilmington Monday. He pointed the gun at the 22-year-old woman inside.

The vehicle was later found wrecked in Brunswick County.

Police say there was little the woman could do to stop the crime and she was smart to hand over the keys.

"When a criminal makes up their mind to take you as a victim, the best thing you can do is cooperate and try to come out of it with your life. There is nothing worth property wise, that is worth losing your life over. Let them have your car," said Chief Osey Sanders with the Leland Police Department.

Wilmington police would appreciate a call if you have any information about the carjacker.