Sorting the at a time

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It takes thousands of people working together behind the scenes to pull off an event like the Wells Fargo Golf Championship.

Todd Lawton, co-chair supervisor of the driving range and practice facility, has a pretty unique job - sorting out the balls.

"We've just gotten some balls into sort, and obviously every different ball that is on the range comes in in one basket and the goal is to get them back into baskets and then re-bagged for the players to hit again," Lawton said.

There can be up to 25,000 balls a day with nearly a dozen variations - that's a lot of sorting.

First the balls are picked up, they're washed, and then Lawton begins the sorting process.

"You just take them and start putting them back in the right baskets - Taylormade in the Taylormade, Titlelist in the Titlelist," Lawton explained. "You just go through the system, and eventually when we have all 11 golf balls out there, we'll have baskets everywhere and the end of the evening we set up out there and round it up and everyone's telling stories."

Instead of gathering around the campfire, the crew just gathers around the basket telling stories.

"It's the way of life for a week and we love getting to do it," Lawton said. "Being around this atmosphere, you've got a former Masters champion on the end of the range and we're 50 feet from him. Just an incredible opportunity."

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