PLAID PACK: Are you a candidate for melanoma?

PLAID PACK: Are you a candidate for melanoma?

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - As the warmer months approach, people will spend more time outdoors in the sun. By summer, millions of Americans will bask in the sun, hoping to regain that tan they lost during the winter months.

The sun, however, is the cause of many melanoma and other skin cancer cases.

"About 65 percent of all melanomas are induced by UV damage," said Dr. Michelle Fillion, a surgical oncologist at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Fillion says while that tanned look may appear healthy, it's really not.

"The burning means DNA has been damaged and that's your body's way of trying to heal or get the inflammation," she explained.

The more you burn in the sun, the greater your chances are of developing skin cancer.

"If you have any kind of sunburn or blistering that happened as a child or adolescent age, all of a sudden you are twice the risk of developing melanoma or if you get burns throughout your life period, you all of a sudden have twice a high risk of getting melanoma just from having that," Fillion said

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