UNCW releases active shooter PSA

UNCW releases active shooter PSA

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A mass text message of "shots fired on campus," sent in error, happened on the UNCW campus in February.

Leaders there say the incident has sparked a conversation in the community.

"One of the opportunities that we realized after the erroneous message was that we had folks' attention," UNCW Police Chief David Donaldson said. "There were many people of all walks of life and responsibilities in the university that made it pretty clear that they may not know what to do in an active shooter situation."

Donaldson said a new public service announcement unveiled by UNCW is a product of the unfortunate reality that we live in, and they want to make sure everyone on the campus knows how to react if faced with an active shooter situation.

Run, Hide or Fight is the theme around the PSA. It explains what to do and how to react, whether to escape the situation, find shelter or seek out a weapon.

The chief says there is no better time than the present to prepare.

"I hope they would take away that they can begin preparing for an emergency situation we hope never touches our community," Donaldson said. "But we do know these tragedies have touched communities all across the world, and we hope everyone, students and employees, can be a part of the response."

Donaldson says the video is posted on the UNCW website, but it will be shown again during orientation. They hope to have it in movie theaters around the area by the summer. He says it's part of a new training and awareness effort by the university.

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