Atlantic storm names of 2017

Atlantic storm names of 2017
(Source: Pixabay)

(WECT) - The 2017 Atlantic tropical storm and hurricane names list starts with Arlene and ends with Whitney. Storm names are recycled every six years, except names of the most impactful storms are retired.

Twelve years ago, in September 2005, a hurricane named Ophelia brushed the Cape Fear Region before making landfall near Cape Lookout. The name Ophelia was never retired.

Six years ago, in August 2011, a hurricane also brushed the Cape Fear Region en route to a Cape Lookout landfall. But unlike Ophelia, this hurricane, Irene, brought widespread wind, rain, and surge flooding to a large portion of the East Coast. The name Irene was retired and, this year, the I-storm name is Irma.

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