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Rankin County residents begin clean up after flood damage

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Rankin County residents didn't waste time trying to clean up from the flood waters.

As many as 60 people in the Mill Creek subdivision Brandon were evacuated in the wee morning hours.

While daylight is when the damage the flood water left behind really became clear, problems started late Sunday night in Rankin County.

As rain pounded the area, emergency crews rushed to block roads and keep cars from driving through the flooded intersections, but as the water kept rising, it got closer to homes.

Some folks stuck it out but were in shock.

"I built this house in 1975 and have lived in it for 42 years," explained Rush Busbee. "We've never had a flood."

Busbee got his weather alerts, but didn't expect more than a lot of rain. Then, he noticed a fire truck pulling into his subdivision around 2:00 Monday morning.

"First thing I did when I opened the door, was I got flooded," Busbee said. "The water rushed in through the doorway."

The house took on about three inches. Still, enough to soak the carpets. The family and friends had already starting ripping those soaked carpets out by daylight.

Friends volunteered to help stack, sort and dry off flood soaked items further down the street at Emily Cooper's home. She too, wasn't prepared for the flooding.

"It continued to creep up," said Cooper. "It started with about a niche and it got to about a foot in the entire house."

They've cleared most things out of Cooper's house but water marks on the bottom of the curtains show how high it got.

"I was afraid that the lights were probably about to go out for good and there's water everywhere and you don't know what's in the water," added Cooper.

Folks on Cedar Brook Road in Pearl say they're accustomed to the flooding, but this time it got high much faster than they expected.

"That's all we can do is just stand out here and watch the water," noted Sherry Ledford. "The water has never come up like that. It's always made it like covering my tire a little bit, but never all the way up almost up to the door coming in."

Many of the families say they're just grateful it wasn't worse.

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