Fishermen encounter great white shark near Wrightsville Beach

Fishermen encounter great white shark near Wrightsville Beach

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - Some fishermen in the waters off Wrightsville Beach got a great deal more than they bargained for when they got up close and personal with a great white shark on March 17.

Jannick Schroder and two of his friends were bottom fishing about 30 miles offshore when Schroder hooked a large sand shark that he said he fought for 30-to-35 minutes before getting a glimpse of the fish.
As Schroder reeled his shark close to the boat, a great white shark "at least five, 10 times as big as the shark which I hooked on my rod" came from under the boat and attacked the sand shark, according to Schroder.

"Snacked him in half with one bite," Schroder said.

The great white rammed the boat and whipped his huge tail fin over the side. Schroder said he cut the line to get rid of his "half" shark so the huge predator would leave.

"It was frightening us to death," he said.

Schroder and his friends got away unscathed, but the big shark left them with a souvenir. One of the shark's teeth was stuck in the boat engine's cover.

Schroder took the tooth to the Workshop at Wrightsville Beach, where it was confirmed to be a great white tooth.

WECT's Chelsea Donovan will have more on this encounter tonight on WECT news.

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