My turn: Coach Keatts moving on, UNCW feels the pressure

My turn: Coach Keatts moving on, UNCW feels the pressure

I'm not surprised my plea for Coach Kevin Keatts to stick around and coach the Seahawks a while longer appeared to have fallen on deaf ears.

It's hard to blame Coach Keatts from accepting a big promotion into the ACC and NC State where he'll make significantly more money and get a lot more exposure.

The pressure will be on Coach Keatts to build a winning team for the Wolfpack Nation. But this same move has the leaders at UNCW also feeling the pressure now.

This will be a very important hire for the Seahawk administration. The university appears to have caught lightning in a bottle with the hiring of Coach Keatts just a few years ago.

But I'm confident they can do it again. This is a good opportunity for an "up and comer."  It now has the bones of a quality program and whoever inherits the reins next year has an impressive group of student athletes to coach.

Keatts was a quality assistant coach at a successful program in Louisville. I think UNCW should repeat that strategy and go down a similar path. That is probably the best recipe for success for a mid-major.

In fact, I'd be surprised if the next Seahawks coach hasn't spent at least a little time on the bench of one of the quality teams playing in this year's Big Dance.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The next quality coach need to be solid,energized, and dedicated to long term contract. The ACC have a lot of  good assistance coaches. Take a look at Duke. Also take a look at NCCU coach(Lavelle Moton).


Don't swell Keats head ,like he's the only good couch UNCW has ever had,because after all, it's the. GOOD TEAM PLAYER'S that make big Wins happen, just saying, see SEAHAWKS whopping state coming season.


They should just reach out to another assistant coach on the Louisville staff. Rick Pitino grooms all his people for the next step in their coaching  careers