ILM Business Park welcomes Scratch on 23rd

ILM Business Park welcomes Scratch on 23rd

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Scratch on 23rd became the first restaurant to open at the Flex Building in the ILM Business Park on Monday.

The 10,000-square-foot building opened in April 2016 and is home to one other business, Toshiba Business Solutions.

The restaurant is owned by Wilmington-based Tailwind Concessions, which operates a business inside ILM airport and 14 other airports across the country. This is the company's first stand-alone restaurant.

"It was just the gradual next step in the growth of our company," marketing operations manager Mitchel Provens said. "We are always trying to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of the business world here in Wilmington."

Scratch on 23rd decided to build the location after working with the airport and seeing a chance for growth in the area.

"The airport reached out to us and asked if we were interested, and we jumped at the opportunity," Provens said. "Obviously the rest of the units will probably be filled shortly, but for right now, we were just the first ones to get up and get going."

Provens hopes the nearby VA Clinic and other businesses will bring in lots of customers. He said he believes the location is ideal for those that commute to and from downtown.

"We are very happy to serve this part of town," Provens said. "There's not a lot of food and beverage options out here, so filling that void is very exciting for us and very fulfilling."

Airport officials hope filling that void will attract other businesses to the Flex Building.

"I still have 7,200 square feet to lease, so anybody who needs walk-in traffic would be appropriate neighbors for Scratch on 23rd," airport business development director Carol LeTellier said.

LeTellier said the potential from the airport and surrounding businesses makes the Flex Building an ideal space.

"You know you have 1,500 people and around 2,500 or so cars go by every day, so it's a location where you can't go wrong," LeTellier said.

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