Restaurants are Tricky Business in Wilmington

JUNE 15, 2005 -- As Wilmington grows, so too could the waistlines of its residents, thanks to new restaurants popping up everywhere from Mayfaire to Monkey Junction.

In the last year alone, 48 new restaurants have registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

But don't let the numbers fool you. The business of food is perilous, with economic and professional risks. Oleander's restaurant which opened just last June has already had to close its doors.

Larry Alderson, owner of the new Buffalo Wild Wings on College Road, has been one of the lucky few to have immediate success upon opening. But he says it's not easy.

Eddie Romanelli's on Oleander Drive has been a local favorite for the last 13 years. Despite the restaurant's longevity, partial owner Doug Dickens says he's aware that there is a constant struggle to stay on top.