Jackson Verdict Creates Mixed Feelings in Wilmington

JUNE 13, 2005 -- Fans and supporters in the Jackson family's hometown of Gary, Indiana, are celebrating Michael Jackson's acquittal.

Neighbors and residents walked past the former Jackson homestead to express their support for the musician, who was born in Gary in 1958. One woman carried a sign that read "Framed/Not Guilty." Some fans drove past blaring their horns.  Others could be heard cheering "innocent," while others tossed confetti.

In Wilmington, the mood was mixed as many people watched the verdict on TV.

At Rucker Johns restaurant a small crowd gathered inside the bar to hear the verdicts. When Jackson was found not guilty on all accounts some nodded in agreement. However, some shook their heads in disbelief.

The younger employees in their teens and 20's thought Jackson was guilty. Older patrons in their 40's and 50's thought it was a fair acquittal.

The verdict created quite a debate at Rucker Johns. Many customers were discussing it up until closing time.

Reported by Ashley Hayes