Frequent Fliers Look for Solution to Long Airport Lines

JUNE 13, 2005 -- If you've been to the airport lately, you know it can take a while to get through security.

Time means money for most business travelers. Some of these frequent fliers say they would pay a fee to get through security faster.

Travelers agree that the biggest problems at the airport are the long lines.

In that new study, business travelers also said they hate inconsistency at the security checkpoints.

Some travelers say you never know whether the line will take five minutes or 50 minutes. For a business executive, this is considered valuable time.

Some say there could be a solution.  The Transportation Security Administration is testing a new idea called the "Registered Travelers Program."

This program would let frequent travelers pay a fee, go through a background check, and then be able to use dedicated members-only security lines at airports.

Reported by Dan Cassuto