Business Booms at Beaches as Weather Warms

Business Booms at Beaches as Weather Warms

JUNE 13, 2005 -- A cold wet spring is fading into memory, replaced by days that look and feel like summer.

This change in weather means that more people are shopping at stores and restaurants in beach towns. This news is welcome to business owners.

Sean Cook owns a business in Carolina Beach. He said his business has started booming since the change in temperature.

Ann Coen co-owns both the Sterling Craft Mall and Squigley's Ice Cream in Carolina Beach. She says the spring blues are melting away. "We went from cold, rainy weather right into summer and now things are really picking up. It's been wonderful and we have had two or three weekends that have been really great," says Coen.

With the weather warming, one area that's really seeing an increase is hotels, as more people look for a place to cool off. Business owners are optimistic. Now that it's warm, their cash registers will be running hot the rest of the summer.

Reported by Samuel King