My Turn: Hanging on to Coach Keatts

My Turn: Hanging on to Coach Keatts

Seahawk nation is soaring this week as the UNCW Men's Basketball team is heading back to the "Big Dance."  And let's consider this my earnest plea to Head Coach Kevin Keatts.  Coach Keatts…please stay!

I know he isn't going to talk about it now.  You avoid those discussions until all of your games are done.  But the reality is Coach Keatts is in a business and his stock is high right now.  He's already been mentioned for some vacant positions.

The way I see it, two things will play into any decision about Coach Keatts' future.

First – there has to be an attractive job out there.  Missouri and NC State are looking for coaches.  But is that the best place for Keatts? That'll end up being his decision should they come calling.

Secondly – what else does coach have to accomplish here? After a school record for wins and a 2nd NCAA tournament appearance, that answer might be tough to find.  Sure, the Hawks can go far into the tourney.  But it would be a Cinderella story and those are rare.

Keatts has a bright future whether it's here in Wilmington or in another location. But if I can be a little selfish, I'd love that other location to be later rather than now.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I don't believe he'll be at UNCW next season.


Bravo! My feelings exactly! Please stay!!! Unfortunately he probably won't, can't blame him.


Agree - how about UNCW getting K Mart property and building a field house as an incentive. Coach Keatts seems to me to be the right person to take on the challenge.


My wife and I along with 8 others on our street in Brunswick Forest in Leland were season ticket holders for this past season. We enjoyed every game tremendously. This was an outstanding season for Coach Keatts and this fabulous team that he has put together!!! We really hope that our Coach Keatts will stay on longer as his job here is far from done!!! He has put UNCW on the basketball map in the last 3 years. We know that he loves the area and the community of Magnolia Greens where he lives!!! Therefore, we plead that he stays for all of these reasons to continue the outstanding job of building a UNCW basketball program for the current and future players along with the fan base that he has created!!!"Let's Go Seahawks" at the Big Dance!!!!!