Paw Jam a doggone good time

Paw Jam a doggone good time

Battleship Park has gone to the dogs.

There's dogs running, dogs jumping, and dogs just being lazy at the 4th annual Paw Jam.

It's a chance to pay homage to all sorts of canines, big and small.

"Your dogs greet you like you walk on water, and nowhere else do you get that, not even with a spouse or kids," says Marny Temple, of Azalea Dog Training.

Trainers and their dogs showed off some of their tricks.

So what does it take to get dogs to jump so high?

"Lots and lots of practice and praise and food and stuff," say Audrey and Morgan Thompson.

While there was a lot of fun and games at this year's Paw Jam, a lot of attention was paid to the plight of rescued dogs.

"That's what this is all about, it's getting these dogs out of shelters and off the side of the road and into great homes, so we're supporting all these rescue groups here," says Barb Rabb, of Cape Fear Golden Rescue.

All proceeds from the event will go to area animal shelters, enabling more dogs to have happy owners and happier lives.

Reported by: Samuel King