UPDATE: Charlotte Chamber announces support for bi-partisan HB2 repeal bill

UPDATE: Charlotte Chamber announces support for bi-partisan HB2 repeal bill

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - The Charlotte Chamber on Friday issued a statement on House Bill 186, a bi-partisan effort to repeal parts of North Carolina's controversial HB2 law enacted in 2016. Chamber President Bob Morgan sent the following email out to elected leaders in Charlotte and Mecklenberg County, along with legislators who represent Mecklenberg County in the General Assembly:

"The Charlotte Chamber is encouraged by the early bipartisan support for the proposed House Bill 186. We commend those leaders who are working to address this issue and hope for continued dialogue and collaboration to reach a solution." – Bob Morgan, President of Charlotte Chamber

In addition, twelve Republicans and three Democrats are now co-sponsoring the proposal, joining the original group of two Republicans (Rep. Ted Davis and Rep. Chuck McGrady) and two Democrats (Rep. Marvin Goodman and Rep. Ken Lucas) that filed the bill on Wednesday. It will likely be placed on the House calendar for Monday, Feb. 27 and assigned to committee.

Many elected leaders and advocates have commented on the proposed legislation. The following are some of the comments reported so far:

"We must repeal House Bill 2 and I remain committed to getting that done. But I am concerned that this legislation as written fails the basic test of restoring our reputation, removing discrimination, and bringing jobs and sports back to North Carolina. I will keep working with the legislature." – Gov. Roy Cooper, D-North Carolina

"It's a bill that I view as a bi-partisan path forward to deal with an issue that is very complex and needs to be resolved. This is the first time we've seen a bi-partisan approach,  and it reflects about ten months worth of work as we learned the various nuances. We as North Carolinians have to figure out how to move forward. We have to forget about special interest groups on the right and on the left, and do what is right for North Carolina." – Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson County (One of the primary sponsors of House Bill 186)

"I remain committed to a bi-partisan solution to repealing this egregious bill, but so far it has been a one-way proposition. In my opinion, this bill will not bring back athletics and does not afford protections against discrimination. I am however, still hopeful that something more productive is forthcoming." - Rep. Deb Butler, D-New Hanover, Brunswick counties

"I support this bill and have in fact cosponsored it. It is a bipartisan bill and a true compromise. My constituents have told me that they are against HB 2 but are very concerned about privacy for women and children in bathrooms, shower facilities, and changing rooms. This bill addresses all of their concerns." – Rep. Holly Grange, R-New Hanover County

"This failure of leadership is unprecedented. The clock has run out on the time for political gamesmanship, and what we desperately need is the full and complete repeal of HB2 to fix our state and move on with repairing our image. Instead of taking meaningful action, today Chuck McGrady in conjunction with Phil Berger and Tim Moore doubled down on the harm our state and LGBTQ people have already suffered. I'm certain this will not bring back business or sporting events, and only serves to reinforce the damage. We can still fix this -- by allowing for the immediate vote on a clean repeal of HB2. Everything else is a distraction from the real issue." – Chris Sgro, Executive Director of Equality NC

"Once again, LGBTQ people are being singled out for discrimination by this far-reaching bill. This isn't an HB2 repeal. This is HB2 all over again. This proposal is a slap in the face to North Carolinians and does nothing to address the incredible harm HB2 continues to cause. North Carolina lawmakers must drop their political antics and immediately vote for a full and clean repeal of HB2." – JoDee Winterhof, Senior VP, Human Rights Campaign

"North Carolina has led the Nation in enacting common sense protections for children's privacy, and now the Trump administration has agreed with our leaders. Because of the new federal policy, North Carolina's privacy law-HB2- remains more vital than ever as efforts to strip away privacy protections will shift even more to the state level. State lawmakers have a responsibility to protect the privacy and dignity of all North Carolinians. Our lawmakers should reject Representative McGrady's misguided bill that does nothing to stop cities from passing the same unlawful, coercive ordinances that started this debate in Charlotte and leaves the state without a policy on privacy in bathrooms. Lawmakers should stand by HB2 because it is the only way to ensure that privacy, dignity, and common sense rule in North Carolina." -Tami Fitzgerald, NC Values Executive Director

WECT's attempts to contact Rep. Davis of New Hanover County for a comment on the bill have been unsuccessful.

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