Woman Accused of High Speed Chase is in Court

JUNE 9, 2005 --With a bruise and a dazed look, Tiffany Pridgen makes a video court appearance. Her charges stem from a high speed chase that ended with a blazing crash into a Wilmington church.

Two weeks ago, Pridgen was in the same spot, facing a judge on charges of felony hit and run. Since then, her mother's done everything to keep her in jail. Kathy Pridgen explains, "I begged the judge and D.A. to please increase her bond because she was going to run and kill herself."

The judge wouldn't increase her bond. A few days later, Kathy Pridgen says a friend bonded her daughter out of jail. She hadn't seen her until the day after the crash at the church on Shipyard Boulevard.

Kathy Pridgen believes her daughter's troubles come from drug addiction. The night of the chase deputies were pulling her over because they suspected she was carrying drugs. They were right, inside her car they say they found cocaine. Kathy Pridgen says, "It's all drug related. The people she's with their nothing but a prostitute ring and drugs."

Kathy Pridgen says her daughter won't be able to post bond. The judge increased it to $200,000. That gives her comfort that her daughter will be in jail, and not on the streets, where another near death crash could happen again.

Reported By Maggie Alexander