Did you give up on your New Year's Resolution? Here's how to get back on track

Did you give up on your New Year's Resolution? Here's how to get back on track

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It's a month and a half into the New Year and chances are you've already forgotten about your New Year's Resolution.

Jacqueline R. Carroll, PA-C, of Wilmington Health, shared tips in the below Q&A on how to get back on track.

Q: If you wanted to lose weight but you are already back to your old eating habits. How do you re-start your diet?

A: The key to success is to start small and simple, change one thing at a time. An excellent place to start with your diet is simply to drink more water.

This will decrease your appetite, improve your overall well being and does not deprive you of anything. Another good habit to start is going to bed early. This will prevent late night snacking.

Brushing your teeth after every meal and chewing sugar free gum between meals will reduce snacking and improve your dental health.

Q: Another popular resolution is to quit smoking. What do you do if you are already lighting up?

A: Stopping smoking is a constant battle. The most important part of stopping smoking is being ready to stop. If you aren't fully committed, it is unlikely you will succeed. If you are ready, making a plan will help you stay on track.

See your healthcare provider to discuss medication options.

Tell your family, friends and co-workers that you are quitting and encourage them to stop with you.

Instead of taking a smoke break, take a walk break or eat an apple.

Enlisting others to help you achieve your goals is one of the most powerful tools with the highest success rates.
Q: Why is it so hard to keep these resolutions?

A: Most people make unrealistic resolutions. Resolving to lose 50 pounds or stop smoking are both tremendous goals. Changing your goals to something more achievable will be more motivating and rewarding. Resolve to lose 10 pounds and have a reward planned. Resolve to decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke every day until you are down to zero. Save the money you would have spent on cigarettes and buy yourself something special.

Q:What can we do to stay on the right path so we achieve our health goals?

A: Enlist a friend, family member or your significant other to join you or be your coach. Having someone you can depend on and who is depending on you will help keep you focused and motivated. They will also be there to celebrate with you as you reach your goals.

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