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Protesters ask Sen. Burr to hear their concerns about potential repeal of ACA

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Dozens of protesters spent their Valentine’s Day afternoon delivering handmade valentines to Senator Richard Burr’s Wilmington office asking the state senator hear their concerns about the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The large group of protesters held signs in front of Burr’s office on Front Street in downtown Wilmington. The overarching message to Burr was to “have a heart when it comes to healthcare and don’t gut what is currently in place.” Similar events have been held across the nation.

Sandra Leigh, a participant in the demonstration, along with others who participated in the event fear the ACA could be repealed now that President Donald Trump is in office.

"The idea that it's being replaced but not replaced with anything that we know what it is is frightening for me and my family, and I'm here to support change, if necessary, but change with a plan," Leigh said.

In response to the protest, Burr’s office issued the following statement:

Senator Burr values constituent feedback and encourages constructive conversation.

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