Leland Parks & Recreation discusses future of town's sports

Leland Parks & Recreation discusses future of town's sports

LELAND, NC (WECT) - Leland Parks and Recreation held a public forum at Town Hall Sunday, discussing the future of youth and adult sports in the are moving forward.

Speakers from the Wilmington YMCA, Brunswick and Leland Parks and Rec board, and a rep from USA Pickleball all made presentations.

"It's only in the town's best interest to look out for the needs of the people and see what the people are really desiring," said Niel Parker, with the Leland Parks & Rec Board. "So this opportunity is kind of a forum to get them out there and get that public input back and give that to the town council and the Parks and Recreation board so it will help them as they make decisions moving forward."

Among intriguing notes during those talks are the plans to have a British soccer camp hold in Leland this summer - and the feasability of additional pickleball courts which could lead to hosting a prominent regional tournament. Leland also wants to begin discussions on whether building new infrastructure is something that the town is interested in when it comes to developing athletics in the area.

"Leland was founded in 1989, but our Parks & Recreation board only began in 2008," said Parker. "Often times, people call us, and there's some confusion on who offers what in the area."

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