Greenfield Lake Looking Less "Green"

JUNE 6, 2005 -- The green scum that once covered the top is starting to disappear from Greenfield Lake.

Dave Mayes is the manager at Storm Water Services in Wilmington. He said the lake is showing progress.

Mayes said cleaning up the lake has been a big project for Wilmington. The first step was releasing grass carp to eat the green growth. Storm Water Services then had to install solar powered circulation devices to increase water quality.

They then had to apply a certain kind of herbicide called sonar. General maintenance is something that will be done throughout the summer.

While things have improved, there's still plenty of this algae surrounding the lake. Visitors say the appearance of the lake is disgusting.

Dickson Baldridge volunteers at the lake, renting paddle boats and canoes. He says the appearance of the lake has an affect on the amount of people on paddle boats.  "When it's covered from one end to the other it's very difficult for people to get around," said Baldridge.

Mayes said you can help this lake and others by disposing of yard waste, cleaning up after your pets, and maintaining your car so it doesn't leak oil.

With a little help from residents and the city, the algae at Greenfield Lake will soon disappear.

Reported By Maggie Alexander