Economic weaknesses take over Bladen County SWOT analysis

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Bladen County Board of Commissioners held a special meeting Monday night to discuss the results of a SWOT analysis on the county.

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and it examines internal and external factors that could affect economic growth in Bladen County.

The weaknesses list was longer than any other with 39 weaknesses reported, including a need for more jobs, a lack of education, low test scores, drugs, and low income.

Ray Britt is the owner of Ray's Furniture and Jewelry and is the Vice-Chair for the Bladen County Board of Commissioners. He and the commissioners have plans to help turn the county around.

"We are open minded to listen to any company that would like to come here," said Britt. "We as commissioners try to work hard as well as our economical department. They go out and work hard to find industry that would come to our area."

County leaders said improving the school system is must.

"As a retired teacher I am concerned with the cuts the legislature has made in public education," said Nancy Smith. "I knew they made cuts in elementary in elementary schools as far as teacher assistance, and I recently started volunteering with first grade and I was surprised that the teacher did not have teacher assistance."

Bladen County Commissioner Chairman Charles Peterson said the board is currently reviewing the list and have been meeting every week to come up with a plan to solve the list of weaknesses.

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