Bullet resistant vests: saving lives

Bullet resistant vests: saving lives

A bullet-resistant vest created by a former law enforcement officer is being credited with saving the life of a Leland Police Department officer shot in the line of duty.

Officer Jacob Schwenk was shot six times the night of December 9, five times in the legs and once in the chest. The vest he was wearing, created by Operator Safety Solutions, stopped the bullet from going through.

Owner Jason Bullard said that was the first documented save in the United States for his company.

"The traditional way of stopping a projectile is to use friction and let the bullet burn its way into the vest, and hopefully friction would stop the bullet somewhere inside the vest—but there are some inherent problems with that," owner Jason Bullard explained. "We sat down and came up with a way to stop a projectile by bending the bullet."

See what measures are put into the creation of each bulletproof vest in a special report Wednesday on Fox Wilmington News at 10.

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