Democratic Senators file bill to repeal HB2

Democratic Senators file bill to repeal HB2

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - Three Democrats in the North Carolina Senate filed a bill Wednesday to repeal the controversial HB2 law passed in 2016 that mandated transgender individuals use public restrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate. Opponents of HB2 say it has hurt the state's economy and image, driving hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars worth of revenue out of North Carolina.

Senators Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenberg), Angela Bryant (D-Nash) and Floyd McKissick (D-Durham) are the primary sponsors of Senate Bill 25.  Lawmakers passed HB2 in March 2016, in response to a non-discrimination ordinance passed by Charlotte's city council which allowed transgender individuals to use public restrooms that correspond to their gender identity. Council members repealed the ordinance in December, as part of a deal to have HB2 repealed in the General Assembly. The deal fell apart when lawmakers were not able to agree on a repeal.

Whether SB25 reaches the floor of the Senate is yet to be determined. Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) said last week repealing the controversial law was not high on his list of priorities for this session. Berger did not rule out the possibility, though, adding it would take "compromise on both sides" for the issue to be addressed.

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