More than 200 electric charging stations headed to NC

More than 200 electric charging stations headed to NC

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Laura Dawson loves her electric car but doesn't like the fact public EV charging stations aren't as commonplace as she'd like them to be.

"If there were faster chargers, more accessible chargers, I could have landed a contract with work," Dawson said. "I'm kind of disappointed the expansion hasn't happened yet."

Duke Energy is helping to plug in 200 new EV charging stations around North Carolina as part of a settlement the utility reached with the government to end a 15-year legal case for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act.

Duke maintains it acted within the law, denying those allegations, but settled. The creation of these additional EV charging stations is part of that agreement.

"Building out the infrastructure of charging stations is critical to adoption of electric vehicles," said Karen Willliams with Duke Energy. "We're helping fund these stations. More than 500 applications were submitted across the state."

Southeastern North Carolina will see eight of these new charging stations. They'll be implemented in Southport, Cape Fear Community College, UNCW and with Brunswick Electric Member Corp.

Laura says the time has come for electric vehicles and the additional charging stations, just make sense. Access can make her niche car, more mainstream and open up more possibilities.

"Knowing that fossil fuels are killing us. They're killing us and the environment," Dawson said. "This is the future. I'm looking forward to it."

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