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VIDEO: "I want my home back."


As many people are digging through damage and picking up the pieces in Petal, one mother and son are saying goodbye to their home for 18 years.

Nick Sewell and his mother, Cynthia Sewell, were at their home off Sun Circle when the EF-3 tornado hit their neighborhood early Saturday morning.

"We woke up, we literally woke up to the tornado above us.  We had no time to react.  We had a safe shelter, and it's gone.  If we would have been in there, we would be dead," Nick Sewell said. 

The brick laundry room, just outside the house, was completely was wiped out by the storm.

"Either someone is watching over us, or pure luck," Nick Sewell said. 

Nick lived in the home for 18 years.  He said the home is destroyed and will need to be knocked down to rebuild again. "It's devastating," Nick said, breaking into tears. "I want my home back." 

Nick said all their pets were OK in the storm.  They plan to dig through the debris to keep what they can, but plan to rebuild in Petal. 

"It's sad to let it go, but you have to so you can move forward," Cynthia Sewell said.

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