Virtual reality teaches students about distracted driving

Virtual reality teaches students about distracted driving

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - UNCW partnered with AT&T to host the "It Can Wait Campaign," a program aimed at stopping distracted driving.

Students wore virtual reality headsets to simulate a car crash caused by using their phone. Several of the students quickly realized the difficulties involved with distracted driving.

"You can miss things like really easily," said UNCW student David Johnson. "The moment you get that habitual texter and driver to use this they start realizing what is happening. I think they'll start having that feeling of, 'Oh OK, things can happen. I might react poorly.'"

AT&T started the program six years ago, but only recently started using virtual reality technology. They think it has made a huge difference in the impact the campaign has on students.

"Its so real. That is the value of the virtual reality," said AT&T spokesperson Clifton Metclaf. "Whatever that opinion was before, it suddenly hits home. That can happen to me."

After completing the driving simulation, students were asked to sign a pledge to not text and drive.

For more information on the "It Can Wait" campaign, click here.

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