Bells Toll in Honor of Murdered Student

JUNE 3, 2005 -- Bells toll, breaking through the summer serenity on a quiet UNCW campus. A small crowd gathers around the clock tower where bells ring exactly 22 times. Each chime symbolizes a year of Christen Naujok's life.

Almost one year ago, the UNCW student was murdered, shot by her former boyfriend. On this first year marking her death, the focus isn't on how Naujok's died but how she lived.

Christen's mother, Holly Naujoks, takes an active roll in domestic violence awareness and speaks at rallies, hoping her story will help keep more women from being victims.

Because of Christen's too short life, UNCW is changed.

"We bear the responsibility for what occurs going into the future with domestic violence and how we are going to combat it," says District Attorney Ben David.

The District Attorney's office is combating student violence by pairing up with the campus police. They want to have a detective in the their office full time so Friday's service can be the last of its kind.

Reported by Ashley Hayes