Chief sings praises of Leland officer shot in line of duty

Chief sings praises of Leland officer shot in line of duty

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Chief of the Leland Police Department sang praises for one of his own Thursday.

"Jake has done a tremendous job," Chief Mike James said. "He was one of the officers you're lucky to find."

Officer Jacob Schwenk is recovering after he was shot six times in the line of duty. He responded to a flood of calls about a driver swerving all over the road on Dec. 9. When he approached the car, 43-year-old Brent Quinn began firing.

Schwenk, injured, fell to the ground — but was still able to grab his gun and shoot back. Two shots to the face killed Quinn.

"Officer Schwenk couldn't have performed any better than what he did," James said. "He was an experienced officer who's been in the trenches for a while--all that training probably helped him survive."

As did the swift action of a fellow Leland Police officer. Officer McGee arrived as back-up and immediately applied a tourniquet to Schwenk's leg to stop the bleeding. Schwenk, a trained EMT, talked him through the process.

James said the pair used a kit in the back of Schwenk's car. The department is now working to get one for every officer.

District Attorney Jon David said Wednesday Schwenk will not face charges for using deadly force. The decision made after a month-long SBI investigation where Schwenk's patrol car video played a major role.

James said he's considering releasing the video to teach other officers a crucial lesson if ever caught in a situation like Schwenk's.

"I think this would be a good training opportunity for officers all across the state," James said.

He said the department is doing well, thanks to solid training and an outpouring of love from the community, the country, and even Canada.

"When I was able to catch my breath the next morning, I opened up an email from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police. They heard about it and sent prayers our way," James said.

James added Schwenk is still in a wheelchair, but is ready to get back to work, and they are ready to have him.

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