New TV Show Moving to Wilmington

Clip from new TV show "Fathom"
Clip from new TV show "Fathom"

JUNE 2, 2005-- First came "Dawson's Creek," then "One Tree Hill." Now Wilmington will become the home of a new television series to air on NBC. It means some welcome changes for the Port City.

The pilot is complete. It was filmed in Los Angeles. Now, NBC's new adventure drama, "Fathom" has found a permanent location to call home, Wilmington.

The hour long drama is scheduled to air Mondays on NBC next fall. "Fathom" centers around the discovery of mysterious sea creatures.

The TV series could create more than 100 jobs and bring a lot of money to our area. Wilmington Film Commission Director Johnny Griffin says it could last five to six years and like "Dawson's Creek" spend $125 million on the local economy.

The Film Commission says state tax incentives would immediately impact Wilmington's film industry. Other companies have already told Griffin if North Carolina gives incentives they are moving their production here. Griffin says Screen Gems is the only place in the country with the ability to host more than one TV show simultaneously.

Reported by Ashley Hayes