Crimes against nature

Crimes against nature

Deputy Covil was called to assist the Wilmington Police Department in October with a suspected sexual assault on an animal.

According to the initial report, a witness sitting in her car saw Sisto Fea walk out onto his front porch, unzip his pants and perform a sexual act on the dog.

The neighbor said Fea dropped the dog after it reacted and then kicked the dog as it ran away.

A short time later, the neighbor said Fea reemerged from the home and proceeded to try and sexually assault another dog. Lindsay said it's unclear if it was the same dog from the previous incident.

The neighbor said they flashed their headlights at Fea startling him. He then went back inside the home.

WECT was in the courtroom when Fea first saw a judge. He was expressionless.

Fea has yet to go to trial and he is not allowed to own an animal until that time.

Covil was tasked with bringing "Lola" to the shelter. The two formed an immediate bond and one day Covil hopes to adopt her.

For now, she is being fostered with the WPD officer who rescued her. Now in a house full of children, toys and other dogs, Lola is a happy, smiling pup.

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