Man's Body Discovered In Shallow Grave

Avelino Pena
Avelino Pena

MAY 31, 2005 -- Avelino Pena appears calm as he goes before a judge on charges of murder. Pena was accused of stabbing his roommate, Mauricio Guerro, 34, who lived in Brunswick County. A Brunswick County judge has granted Pena an attorney but has denied bail.

Assistant District Attorney Lee Bollinger said there were multiple stab wounds to the victim's neck.

The body was discovered at the edge of a tobacco field off Old King Road in the Ash Community of Brunswick County. Another farm worker found him inside a shallow grave.

Pena and Guerro lived off Old King Road next door to the tobacco field where they worked. Guerro's body was discovered last week, but detectives are not saying how long he had been buried in the fields. Detectives will not say why the person he shared a home with may have killed him.

Reported By Maggie Alexander