Abused Dogs Receive Care in Wilmington

MAY 31, 2005 -- A local woman is trying to bring a happy ending to a dog abuse case out of Chapel Hill.

Betty Broadhurst works with the Cape Fear Rescue Rangers. She was contacted last week about a couple in Orange County keeping more than 70 greyhounds and dalmations.

The couple claimed they were trying to rescue the dogs, but officials say the animals were malnourished and kept in bad conditions.

One of the dogs, Dean, has sores on his body. Another dog, Caroline, will have an infected eye removed. She also has tumors covering her body.

Broadhurst says one thing specifically could have helped these dogs.

"The main thing, I just want everyone to know to spay and neuter your pets. That's the first and primary thing. This would not have happened if animals were spayed and neutered appropriately."

All but twelve of the dogs have been adopted. If you would like information about adopting a rescued animal email cfrangers@yahoo.com.