91-Year Old Wilmington Woman Decorates to the Hills for the Holidays

91-Year Old Wilmington Woman Decorates to the Hills for the Holidays

Twenty-two Christmas trees of all different sizes, more than 80 Santa's, six nativity sets, and too many angels to even count.

Despite being 90 years old, Billie Lyndon isn't slow down when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  Lyndon says ever since she was a little girl she was fascinated with the holiday.

"Well I am just obsessed with Christmas I love it, I love every thing I take out, " Billie Lyndon said.

Lyndon said its evolved over the past 71 Christmases she has shared with her husband George.

George Lyndon said, "I remember our first Christmas tree we had just graduated college and had no money, we had a little bitty tree I cut it in the woods someplace, and Billie decorated it with paper doilies.

There is a themed tree and display in every single room of the couple's Wilmington home. A  crystal tree under the dining room chandelier, a Victorian tree, an exotic bird tree, a beach tree, a Duke blue devils tree, even trees in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

"I want to see Christmas wherever I am in the house", Billie said.

George says he just tries to stay out of Billie's way when she decorates starting in the middle of November.

"Whenever I put an ornament up, Billie will move it even an eighth of an inch", George Lyndon said.

In addition, Billie also hand paints her own Christmas cards. Each year she said has written the Queen of England, and most years one of the Queen's Ladies in Waiting always sends her a response.  She has the return cards framed in her home.

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