School's Out for Long Summer Break

MAY 25, 2005 -- School is out for the summer. For the most part students are full of smiles, but there are tears as children hug their teachers for a final time. New Hanover County schools will have a thirteen week vacation. That's one week longer than normal due to the new late August start date.

The challenge for parents now is to figure out how to fill that extra long vacation.

One parent says that can be tough.

"You wind up with a very small amount of time to squeeze a lot into with Saturday and Sunday to not only catch up on the housework, but you wind up trying to take kids to the movies, to the beach, get the housework done, the ironing. It's a lot of stuff to squeeze in. You almost go back to work to take a break, and it's tough. It's very tough."

While thirteen weeks may seem like a long time, there are plenty of activities in New Hanover County to keep your kids busy.

Besides taking your children on day trips to the beach, Jungle Rapids or to the aquarium, there are several camps and week long classes to sign your children up for as well.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer