Lawsuits Against Former Local Doctor Settled

Dr. Steven Olchowski
Dr. Steven Olchowski

MAY 25, 2005 -- New Hanover Regional Medical Center has settled lawsuits with seven patients who claimed their doctor performed the wrong surgery.

The patients say Doctor Steven Olchowski misled them about their gastric bypass surgery and performed a shortcut version of the operation that led to painful complications.

The terms of the settlements have not been disclosed, but one hospital trustee put the figure at several million dollars.

Hospital spokeswoman Kendra Gerlach wouldn't confirm the amount.

"Reaching closure on these cases is something that we're happy about from the hospital's perspective. We believe it was the right thing for these patients and we're glad that we can put this behind us and allow them to move forward and allow us to move forward as well," said Gerlach.

Cases involving the hospital and four other patients have not been settled.

Doctor Olchowski has denied the allegations and these settlements do not affect the lawsuits against him.