Independent Film Closes Wilmington Bridge

MAY 24, 2005 -- Tuesday is a big night for the movie industry in Wilmington, but it could mean a travel delay for some.

Part of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge will be shutting down. The closure happens at 7:00 Tuesday night, but it's not expected to give drivers too much of a headache.

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge will be closed from 7:00 Tuesday night until 6:00 Wednesday morning.

The bridge is closed for an independent film called Dirt Nap .  The film is centered around a road trip three friends take from Pennsylvania to Florida. None of the footage from the film is shot in these states. The first scene of the film is on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

The production company is working closely with the DOT to make things easier on drivers.

The lanes headed west across the bridge will remain open.