Bridge Closed While Movie is Filmed

MAY 24, 2005 -- The most popular route from Brunswick County to Wilmington is about to shut down.

Crews are shooting an independent film in Wilmington called Dirt Nap. The film is a comedy about three men going through a mid-life crisis. The film follows the men on a road trip from Pennsylvania to Florida. Most of the scenes are shot in Wilmington.

D.B. Sweeney not only stars in the flick but also calls the shots. He produces and directs. He also made the decision to bring the film to Wilmington. Sweeney said Wilmington is the best location to blend the two different geographical areas.

The crews have two more weeks left of shooting. Tuesday night they'll be on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. The scene on the bridge is one of the first scenes in the movie.

That scene will close the bridge from 7:00pm until early Wednesday morning at 6:00. Traffic will be rerouted to the Isabel Holmes Bridge north of downtown.

Reported by Ashley Hayes