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How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

How to keep your Christmas tree green for the holiday season. (Source: WECT) How to keep your Christmas tree green for the holiday season. (Source: WECT)

Barr Evergreens has had trees in Wilmington homes for more than 35 years.

The lot hosts many different types of trees grown out of Ashe County, North Carolina.

Brad Jordan, the manager of the Wilmington lot, said there are a few tips and tricks people should be aware of before buy their tree.

“I think it's important to make sure all of the trees are standing in water, and make sure the tree is as fresh as possible,” said Jordan. “Also, make sure to get a fresh cut before they take it home to stick it in the water at home.”

A fresh cut means sawing off the bottom inch or so of the tree’s trunk before fitting it in the stand. This allows for the pores to open up and take in more water.

People have also expressed concern about bugs finding homes in the trees with the warm weather spike on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jordan said a good shake on the machine will solve the problem.

“One of the best things we do here is we shake the trees to make sure anything that is in the trees get out before we send them home to the families,” Jordan explained, saying they have yet to receive a complaint about insects in the trees.

Warmer weather also brings a need for extra water. In just the first day, a Christmas tree will drink around a gallon of water.

Jordan said water is the key to keeping your tree green, but that means having a big enough stand.

“Make sure to have a good stand. Make sure the stand will fit the trunk, and you don't have to shave the trunk off because the outer edge is the only part that will take water in, it's not the solid base,” Jordan explained. “As long as they have that, the tree will last as long as possible.”

He encouraged people to replenish the water every morning to ensure the tree stays green through January 1.

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